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Orange Door, Inc.'s certified tax preparer software is built for professional tax return preparers who want the best, at an affordable price. Our online service includes full customer support, with optional training available.

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Our tax preparer software sets up quickly. Once you register on our site and pay your subscription fees, you can get started on preparing returns. Converting your old data should take no longer than a day in most cases, and your files can be uploaded to our site. Because our professional tax preparer software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, you should be able to learn to effectively use our online system in a couple of minutes, if not on the first try. Of course if you have questions, we have a host of help avenues available, including an integrated help system and manual, online FAQ, live tech support, user forums, and a detailed knowledge base. If you have other tax return preparers working for you, or you would like more hands-on experience, we will be offering online tutorials and live trainings.


We offer a number of software features that benefit certified tax return preparers. We have multiple-year client comparison, unavailable in other certified tax preparer software systems. We also feature a client notes feature, which allows you to take, store, and print notes as you process returns. We will soon feature an RSS feed module which will keep you up to date with the latest news in the tax world as well as keep you updated with any changes at Orange Door, Inc. Altogether, Orange Tax Suite Pro is the be tax preparer software available.
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